Author : Hulusi Ertuğrul UMUDUM
Number of pages : 181-190


One of the binary oppositions in the history of philosophy is the dialectic of the question and the answer. A tradition which is born by the question, asked by a philosopher, continues through the moulding of the question and change in the answer. A question asked by Aristotle a.k.a the “First Teacher” and how it is taken in 13th and 20th centuries can be evaluated in this manner: Duns Scotus, who responses the questions of Aristotle on being and Gilles Deleuze, who philosophises via the concepts of Duns Scotus: “Haecceitas” can be taken as a question and a response to this question and the scholia of the question. In this work, firstly how Aristotle developed the problematics will be demonstrated and then how it takes place in the thought of Duns Scotus and finally how Gilles Deleuze covered the term haecceitas will be taken.


Gilles Deleuze, Duns Scotus, Haecceitas

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