Author : Youssoufa SOUMANA -Orhan ERTÜRKMEN
Number of pages : 488-505


One of the facets of the literature world, Karakoç, is among the poets and writers to be able to get a place in the heart of the people. He is a man who served the values he believed in during his lifetime of eighty years, was a true believer and a thinker. Despite handling many themes in his poems, one of his most important aspects is probably his reflectivity. In the world of contemplation that Karakoç established within his heart, from droplets of mercy to an ocean of mercy, from the beams to the sun of his wisdom, he invites us all. With the contemplation that we think is neglected today, as people will be able to know God as they will love Him; to say my mind is stuck, my idea is stuck, to reach been admired and cherished, are all connected to contemplation. The loops of many secrets are opened with the key of contemplation. The poet’s principal objective as he did all these was his assertion and belief. We too, in our work, by following the path of inward and outward contemplation done by the poet in his poems, first looking at what contemplation is, then what meanings he ascribed to it and how he described it from his inner world, have handled them in the form of headings. In this work, contemplation-related themes have been proven. Also we buttressed contemplation with Qur'anic verses and Hadiths that shed light on it in a spiritual context.


Contemplation, Literature, Poem, Karakoç.

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