The Effect of The Rise in Exchange Rate on Tourism Sector: The Example of Turkey Between 2010 and 2018
Döviz Kurundaki Yükselmenin Turizm Sektörüne Etkisi: 2010-2018 Arası Türkiye Örneği

Author : Serkan KARADAĞ - Erdem BAĞCI
Number of pages : 439-457


The Tourism sector, in the World and the Turkey's economy gaining impor-tance day by day and is one sector that does not lose its importance over time. Turkey's tourism revenues in 2018 were realized as 25,2 billion dollars. The importance of the sector for our country stems from the benefits such as pro-viding capital needed in economic development, increasing employment op-portunities and helping to eliminate foreign trade deficits. In this context, tou-rism revenues are affected by exchange rates. It is expected that after the inc-rease in demand, it will have positive effects on the tourism revenues of the country, since the exchange rates increase, because the touristic goods and services are cheap. When the exchange rates fall, tourism revenues of the co-untry tend to decrease. For this reason, the relationship between tourism reve-nues and the exchange rate attracts researchers and policy makers. This study attempted to examine the case of Turkey between the years of 2010-2018 the height of the exchange rate in effect on the tourism sector. In the research, a result has been reached with the calculations made by using statistics on tou-rism revenues and exchange rates. As a result of the research, it was conclu-ded that the height of the exchange rate increased the number of tourists co-ming to the country, but the amount of foreign currency did not increase, and that the incoming tourists received more services with less foreign currency.


Exchange rate, Tourism Revenues, Turkey.


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