Author : Fatma SİNECEN - Osman SİNECEN
Number of pages : 389-395


Today, smoking is one of the most used addictive substances. It is thought that smoking, which is easy to obtain, started as a wannabe for many students in high schools. It is important for our country that smoking continues to spread and wars are being waged as a state policy. Smoking causes health problems in later years. The aim of this study is to determine the knowledge level of high school students about the negative effects of smoking behavior and smoking behavior. The study group of the research consists of 425 students studying at secondary education level in Denizli. In order to determine students' perception levels, a five-item questionnaire was applied. The study group of the research consists of 425 students studying at secondary education level in Denizli. Gender, class levels, educational status of parents, economic status of the family and smoking behaviors of the students were shown as descriptive statistics. As data collection tools; determining the level of knowledge of secondary school students about health hazards of smoking ”questionnaire developed by the researcher. When the students' knowledge levels against smoking health problems are examined, the most accepted problem is that the smoking environment is harmful for children. In addition, it is seen that smoking is harmful to health and they are highly involved in the problems that cigarettes smoked during pregnancy will give the baby a call. The model explained 8,2% of the students' smoking behaviors (Nagelkerke R2) and correctly classified 81% of the students with smoking behaviors. In this study, it has been shown that smoking is gradually increasing among high school students and friends circle is important in smoking. It was revealed that the students who participated in the questionnaire knew that smoking was harmful to health and they still smoke. High school period, which is a critical period during smoking, should be considered. The most common period for starting smoking is seen as high school.


Smoking, High School Students, Behavior


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