Author : Furkan Fahri ALTINTAŞ
Number of pages : 198-211


In today's world, organizations' learning becomes very important. Because organizations have to learn to control the variables around them, reduce the pressure of the environment and adapt to the environment. Otherwise, if organizations cannot provide learning, if they cannot adapt to the environment according to institutional theory, uniformism and legitimacy, and condition dependency theory, they may eventually die within the framework of ecological theory. In this context, Senge (2013) examined the learning organization in 5 dimensions. Senge (2013) states that, when an organization is a learning organization, it will be more meaningful for an organization to become a learning organization when the 5 disciplines mentioned are applied in relation to each other rather than the separate application of these 5 disciplines independently. Therefore, Senge (2013) states that in order for an organization to become a learning organization, the dimensions of the learning organization must complement each other. Organizations should avoid excessive effects that do not affect the relationships between learning organization dimensions in applications that affect each other. Because otherwise, this situation creates cost for organizations. Therefore, in this study, firstly the effects and relations of learning organization dimensions on each other were obtained by canonical correlation technique within the scope of perception of learning organization dimensions of workers in Karabük iron and steel factory. Afterwards, data envelopment method was applied to measure the relationship effectiveness between learning organization dimensions. According to the results, there was a relationship between personal mastery (KU) and team learning dimensions (THO) and mental models (ZM) and team learning dimensions (THO). Therefore, personal mastery (KU) and team learning dimensions (THO) and mental models (ZM) and team learning dimensions (THO) did not create any unnecessary cost to Karabük iron and steel factory in completing each other. On the other hand, since the relations between the other learning organization dimensions do not provide effectiveness, Karabük iron-steel factory has created unnecessary cost for the other learning organization dimensions to complement each other.


Organization, Learning, Learning Organization, Relationships, Impacts.


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