Author : Türkan ACAR
Number of pages : 74-83


There are twelve mosques registered in Eskigediz town of Gediz, Kütahya. These mosques are mostly in wooden ceilings, Kurşunlu Mosque, square plan, cubic body. The building consists of a harem covered with a dome with a pendant transition, a final communion site with three units in the north of Harim and a minaret. As in many buildings in Eskigediz, the mosque was destroyed in the Gediz earthquake in 1970, and its dome, large part of the walls, the last communion site and the minaret collapsed. The period of interventions and repairs in historical monuments must be preserved with the details of the plan, material and decoration details of the building and should be done without causing any errors. The mosque, which was closed to worship after the earthquake in 1970, was repaired in 2008 by the General Directorate of Foundations and opened for worship again in accordance with the principles of repair. In our study, the Kurşunlu Mosque, plan and architectural features were examined with the Art History methodology and compared with similar samples.


Kütahya, Eskigediz, Kurşunlu Mosque, Mosque, Dome.

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