Author : Yasemin ÖZEL - - Tuğba DUZCU
Number of pages : 380-387


When it is desired to give information about terms related to health and health, it means health literacy if one can understand and interpret this given information and show appropriate behavior according to this information. When defined in this way, health literacy goes beyond the concept of communication based on narrow health education and individual behavior, addressing environmental, political and social factors that determine health. However, it is noteworthy that there is not much focus on mental health literacy related to mental disorders. In some countries, it is important that people have information about how to prevent mental disorders, how to recognize when a disorder develops, how to seek help options and treatments, develop individual coping strategies for problems with little impact, and support for other people affected by mental health problems. There are studies on helping skills. The lack of research and studies in our country on mental health literacy attracted attention. For this reason, the article was written to emphasize the concept and importance of community mental health literacy, to guide academics working in the field of mental health and wanting to work in this area.


Health literacy, mental health literacy, mental health.


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