A Masonry Grave from Necropolis of Cyzicus and Evaluation of the Finds

Author : Nurettin KOÇHAN
Number of pages : 14-32


The Ancient Cyzicus City, provice of Balikesir, is between Erdek-Bandırma countries. This city was in terms of both economy and strategy significant in the Rome and in the Ancient Greek. In Cyzicus is determined that there are necropolises, where are differant local. One of them is southeast of this ancient city and other is located in the northwest. In this city we are investigating now a tomb, ıt is located in the northwest necropolis. During the tomb was digged and cylindrical stele was found that is lying at a depth of 0.50 m. The irregular base was reached, it was under of stele. In this irregular situation we can see that illegal excavationers was reached already to this point. When we had seen shapely stones at the bottom, steles and pads were taken out of the opening, continued to work to reach the main tomb. The tomb was 1.50 m height, 1.55 length, 1.40 m width and ıt was made of brick and stone. In total 5 pieces skeleton were in the sepulcher. They were from differend layers. In addition to 1 piece golden necklace, 2 pieces capricorns, 3 pieces golden earrings, 1 piece part of golden necklace, 1 piece golden ring, 2 pieces round and 6 pieces black elongated beads, 10 pieces soil unguentaria, 1 piece the figurin of terracotta were in this tomb. Pieces of three broken glass unguantaria, one glass bowl, pieces of some disorganized collet of the iron chain were detected. In the upper half of the cylindrical stele, this stele is overturned, there is ancient Greek inscription in seven lines. This tomb and the findings of this tomb are important. Because they are giving informations about the 2nd century AD of Cyzicus. This informations are about burial costums of Cyzicus.


Cyzicus, Necropolis, Stele, Stone Structure, Unguentarium

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