Author : Neşe KIRDEMİR
Number of pages : 108-116


Ancient period people were living their lives like myths, but myths are an expression of nature and supernatural ( or phantasmatic) for today’s people. Myths are merely like a dream which have been lived in reality. If dream is the most important imagery of human beings, art is the name of the productive oasis that images and myths have met. The Greek culture that forms the source of inspiration Western (modern) art and the art in the root of this culture is Homer’s Iliad and Hesiod’s Theogony with the earliest art works which are belong to the myths. These myths are journeys of chaos’, which exists in a time of nothing but nothingness, transformation into cosmos with the philosophy within myths themselves for the welfare of all the mortals over gods, god-kings and mother goddess. In this case, mythological and mystic philosophy along with the myths also find to way that represent themselves as art. Myths, with their power of to be able to turn reality into fairytale and dream, were in real terms came into existence with achieving the involvement of the philosophy of ideal human being formation also, slowly but effectively with poetic expression of poets, not just the thoughts of ancient period human beings. Also the artist, who has a creative ability belongs to human beings as an i


Art, Philosophy, Mythology

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