Validity and Reliability of the Communication and Sharing of Information Scale in Turkish

Author : Aysun TÜRE YILMAZ -- Aytolan YILDIRIM
Number of pages : 76-90


Aim: Communication and information sharing among health professionals; are important that to give quality care and a safe environment. In this study, Communication and Information Sharing Scale Turkish version, is aimed to test the validity and reliability and to gain the nursing literature. Methods: This methodological study was conducted with nurses (n=202) working in a university hospital in the city center of Eskişehir. Language validity, coverage, item analysis, internal consistency, and test-retest analysis were used in the validity and reliability of the scale. Results: According to statistical analyses, CSI’s test-retest reliability coefficient was found to be α=0.86, correlation value r=0.96 and p=0.000. There was no significant difference between the average scores of test-retest. The reliability of internal consistency was determined as α=0.83. It was specified that the correlation values of total score of items were between 0.44 and 0.80; after the confirmatory factor analysis, the factor load of items were between 0.32 and 0.82, and 3 factor structure of the scale was acceptable. It was determined that the “CSI” was composed of 10 items and 3 sub-dimensions which are “medical information sharing between healthcare professionals”, “communication between medical staff members”, “communication between nurses”. Conclusion: At the end of the analyses, it has been found out that the “Communication and sharing of information Scale” is a valid and reliable scale to be applied to Turkish society.


Communication, information sharing, val

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