Author : Saibe Özlem KAYA -- Berna ÖZKUT
Number of pages : 357-367


Research shows that lullabies in general cannot be considered separate from the mother who is the art creator of the genre. It would even be possible to claim that there is no other genre that has anonymously coalesced with its creator to such degree. While initially they might seem short and easy to tell, lullabies are the language and music oriented (art) works that strengthen the bond between mother and child, soothe the baby, reflect emotion and opinions of mother that they cannot express during the day, and contain the first messages that convey values to be taught. Through lullabies the mother calls to her child and communicates with her/him, thus, lullabies form a common culture and bonding between the mother and the child. In order to clarify the concept of lullaby and to give an idea of the present study, it is deemed essential to write some definitions of lullaby here. When the definitions are studied, lullabies are “always nice to listen to, poems or a cantabile tunes that are rooted in a mother’s love to her child.”, “musical projections sung all around the world, in every culture,religion and language.”, “poems and proses that mothers sign to make their babies sleep while breastfeeding.”, “songs mothers sing to make their children sleep”. “musical tunes sung on mothers’ lap or arms, in a cradle to silence the crying baby, to make the child sleep on sleeping time.” “a form of mother’s song to make babies sleep and soothe”. “a form of song which a mother sings to her child from at least 2-3 months old to 3-4 years old while rocking him/her on her lap or arms, or in a cradle in order to make the child sleep faster or easier, or to silence the baby with a certain tune that reflects her psychological state at the time, mostly of a poetic form”. When the aforementioned lullaby definitions are studied, lullabies are the child’s first musical experience with their forms, lyrics, and functions. Therefore, the simple tunes of lullabies enable the child to form the first connection to music. Lullabies are different from other forms in that they are ingrained in music, they leave a nice effect on the baby’s ears, they convey life’s harmony elements from the first day. Within this framework, lullabies are an important common bond between the mother and the child in which they are close to each other, with which babies fall asleep listening to its tune full of love and which are the forerunners of peaceful times, and withn this context lullabies are studies as the first musical experience.


Mother, child, music, lullaby.

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