Author : Sabri Tevfik HAMMAN
Number of pages : 300-377


In the current study "Mani (Songs) of Ramadan", the type and content of care are discussed. Together with other types and forms (of songs) , especially Istanbul structural one, Ramadan songs are considerably examined. Folklore studies are carried out in a way to connect these songs with other types. In Turkey, Ramadan determines the impact of songs on the society. Therefore, Ramadan in Turkish culture and its relation with songs is carfeully examined. The current study consists of two parts in addition to an introduction. The first section discusses the meaning of the term "song" and its relation with other literary genres. It also sheds a considerable light on the previous studies and topics that dealt with the history of songs in Turkey and their relationship with Ramadan. The relationshp between literature and literary genres are also investigated in this chapter. In the second chapter, examples of Ramadan songs are examined discuseed and analyzed. The chapter compares between


Types of Ramadan Mani , Figure and Turkish culture.


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