Author : Polat TUNÇER
Number of pages : 85-103


The person exposed to mobbing, also known as psychological violence, is exposed to a sort of manifestation of organizational culture. Mobbing is a common form of violence in organizations. It can be seen in public or private institutions, organizations and enterprises. The culture of the institution or organization, which is a reflection of the general culture, is a significant factor in the emergence of mobbing. Organizational culture, in a structure that gives opportunities and opportunities to conflict, the probability of mobbing in such cultures is quite high. Organizational culture has a direct relationship between mobbingle and organizational culture, as it determines the way and ways in which employees communicate with each other. In an organization that does not work in a human-focused manner, it is inevitable for employees to feel worthless. Mobbing is inevitable in an organization dominated by a culture of fear and intimidation rather than a culture of mutual love and respect. A management culture that does not value its employees can ignore or support mobbing practices. Such organizations are organizations that have not yet started or have not completed their institutionalization process. The manager, who wants to fight or destroy Mobbingle, must first change the corporate culture. In this article, we will try to reveal the connections between organizational culture and the emergence or continuation of mobbing.


Mobbing, Organizational Culture, Conflict, Productivity.


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