Author : Adnan ALKAN
Number of pages : 147-161


Anatolia is home to numerous civilizations for centuries and has a great variety of cultures and many traditional handicrafts. Undoubtedly one of the most important handicrafts in Anatolia is weaving. The weaving, which is shaped by agriculture and livestock activities in many parts of Anatolia, is one of the most important material elements of culture. One of the traditional weaving activities in Anatolia is the production of Siirt Blanket. Siirt Blanket, which has been produced by traditional methods from Siirt and its surroundings, has been touched by Ankara Angora Goat. Once the cut mohair has been skewed, the yarns obtained are woven as blankets on special looms. Woven blankets are shot and shaped with steel combs. The Siirt Blanket, which has a long history, was registered in 1977. Siirt Blanket has a wide market opportunity especially due to the high demand for ecological and local products. The main purpose of this study is to ensure that the weaving, which is one of the most important handicrafts, and the resulting Siirt Blanket, which is one of the most important handicrafts, has decreased in importance compared to the past and to contribute to the transportation of this material culture which is very important in terms of socio-cultural importance to the next generations. According to the findings obtained in the study, Siirt Blanket and other traditional weaving products in Siirt region is around 70, and approximately 100 people are employed in these workshops. As a result, the production of blankets and blanket production in the Siirt region with the master apprentice relationship is facing the danger of extinction due to the lack of interest of the new generations. However, Siirt Blanket's cultural and ecological product in recent years as a great interest in the recent years, to contribute to the economic development of the region and this traditional handicraft is very important in terms of survival.


Handicraft, Folk Culture, Siirt, Blanket


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