Author : Mehmet TAN
Number of pages : 299-310


The study discusses the reflections of the global powers' dominance gained through globalization on economy, politics and culture. Globalization refers to a process in which the constraints brought by time and space are reduced, reaching anywhere is possible, and where different places interact and interact with each other. The opportunities brought by globalization cause societies to try to keep up with globalization. Economic developments in the world point to the formation of a global economic system and the effectiveness of global powers. Economic developments also make the impact of globalization on politics inevitable. While the increase of transnational companies causes the formation of an international law, the law of the organizations formed in this way is positioned so that the national states are above the law. The impact of globalization in the cultural field as well as the economic and political sphere is inevitable. It is understood that there has been a cultural imperialism with globalization and it caused the formation of a global culture. The study considers the concept of globalization as a hegemonic force. While examining the economic, cultural and political dimensions of globalization, the changes in this area are examined in relation to hegemony.


Globalization, Hegemony, Global Economy, Global Politics, Cultural Imperialism


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