حصن كيفا ومن نسب إليها من العلماء /

Author : Yaşar ACAT
Number of pages : 74-96


In this research entitled Hasankeyf And Its Scholars we will briefly review the geography and history of the city of Hasankeyf and its Islamic opening with mentioning what travelers and geographers said about it and the factors that helped to open it with mention of conquest wrote in novels and historians . Hasankeyf is strategically located, as it lies on the border between the Byzantine Empire and the areas opened by Muslims, where Muslim Caliphs gave it a big importance as being near from the borders of Byzantium at the time. We then collected and recounted the names of scholars attributed to the city of Hasankeyf, whose surname was Hasankeyf, with a brief history of each one of them, and the scientific role. The researcher will present and review their most important compositions and functions that imitated. It has been reviewed all the scientists associated with that region who were born and lived in or left and lived in other countries or there are some scientists have been born in other countries, but their origins are due to the city of Hasankeyf and belonged to them has been arranged.


Hasankeyf, Scholars, Conquest, Geography, History.


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