Author : Mesut BALKAN
Number of pages : 189-207


Human resources practices are important due to the formation of their belonging and high level of job satisfaction. In businesses or institutions where human resources data is not used, business efficiency will decrease as well as sense of belonging. This is one reason why human resources employees are more important or seem important than other employees. Because human resources, which is a core vessel that hires all employees, is at a point that will add value to the company in this sense.Strategic human resource management needs to be properly planned. In this study, a semi-structured interview form, one of the qualitative research methods, was used. Interviews were made with 10 people working in the municipality of the town determined by simple random method. There are 9 questions in this interview. The interview was held in two stages and 2 different question types were used. Descriptive analysis and content analysis techniques were used to analyze the research data. Descriptive analysis is an analysis technique in which the data obtained are summarized and interpreted according to the previously determined themes, direct quotations are frequently used to reflect the views of the individuals interviewed, and the results obtained are interpreted within the framework of cause-effect relationships. (Yildirim ve Simsek, 2003). If we look at the findings obtained as a result of the research, the perception emerges that human resources employees should participate in management. Establishing a corporate identity is very valuable in businesses and institutions with corporate identity due to the high level of business belonging. Even if there are various disruptions in institutions and workplaces with established corporate identity, we see that the employees do not intend to quit their jobs. For this reason, corporate identity and belonging and organizational commitment are very valuable. As a matter of fact, as it can be seen in the study, it has been observed that those who work in any problem in the municipality do not quit the job and their job belonging is high. It is seen that the reason for this situation is due to trust in the institution, belonging, trust in employers or managers.


Organizational Commitment, Corporate Identity, Human Resources, Human Resource Management, Strategic Human Resources Management


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