Author : Hamiyet SAYAN
Number of pages : 205-217


Neuroscience and Education terms are recently used frequently. Educational researches are related with Physcology of Learning and Cognitive Neurosci-ence. Education has been seen as the subfield of NeuroPhycology and Neu-roscience(Bruer,2016). Its not seen in the Education Literature, but Neurosci-ence and Education relationship and the need of it is being examined widely. It frquently argued that this relationship will bring much contribution. However, some concerns are being told about . There are some positive app-roaches but some are too far from that. Although there are many concerns yet, it can be said the approach is positive. There are some limitations but studies are going on. For that reason, in this study, its tried to define the frame of the new study field, the relationship with other sciences, and the contribution of it and of course the necessity of colloboration of these fiels. İts also triying to put forward the contribution of Neuroscience to Education, İts findings and the complex case about this new field. The formation of Neuro-Education, sciences related to this field, and the need of colloboration. At the end its be-ing tried to explain if Neuroscience can bring a real contribution to Education and how Education can put ıts findings into practice.


Neuro-Education, Phsycology of Learning, Neuroscience, Education