The miniature occupies an important place in the Ottoman art of painting and sits in a different place in the art of painting with its unique drawing features and rules. In the Ottoman Empire, miniatures were not only in patterns of rule, but were also influenced by the European art of painting in terms of plastic (perspective, size, movement, etc.). elements) has experienced development and changes. Ottoman miniature art, which entered a period of stagnation with the tulip era, gained momentum of development again with Levni. The plastic values of the art of painting in Ottoman miniatures (ratio, size, perspective, etc.) the forms and forms of objects-objects, figures have been broken out consciously. Nakkaş Levni, on the other hand, destroyed this understanding and made miniatures in realistic form and form in accordance with the plastic values of the painting. The reason levni showed realistic attitudes in his miniatures is that III. It is that he was influenced by Vanmour, who had made portraits of Ahmed, and studied his portraits and was inspired by him. The aim of the research is to reveal the different effects that Nakkaş Levni brings to miniature art in terms of plastic (movement, shape, size, proportion...). The importance of research is to emphasize the importance of changing plastic values within the rules used in miniature art. Levni's miniatures single figures as a result of the research in some very trying calligrapher female figures in European art of painting the female figure made a picture, especially of the Renaissance period used the ‘S’ of the movement is given by showing the female figure of classic miniatures from the cleavage divide, and drew largely oranlamay apparent anatomical structures, built according to the classic miniatures of his works is very realistic, the background is usually monochrome single color and it was filled with stylized flowers few, on top went to paint on the stain with sizing, it has been observed that there is not much colouration of the tonal variety. The belief that levni's miniature works were pioneers in the transition to modern painting has emerged as a result of research.


Levni, miniature, Miniaturist, realistic painting, Vanmour

Author : Tahir ÇELİKBAĞ - Fahrettin GEÇEN
Number of pages: 294-304
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The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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