Author : Aysun TÜRE - Merve ÖZLÜ - Nazlıhan EFE
Number of pages : 280-293


Today, organizations that exist in most areas of human existence can preserve their existence and dynamism as open systems. As a requirement of open system, organizations have to be open to all kinds of changes related to their environment. Change is an inevitable process for growth and harmony. Change refers to bringing something from one level to another and is defined as the transformation of any system, process or environment. Rapid changes, being in the age of constantly developing information and technology, change the society and therefore the surrounding organizations. Organizations have to adapt their systems to these environmental conditions in order to maintain their existence, maintain a certain balance position, perform jobs systematically and regularly, ensure employer and employee satisfaction, and increase job satisfaction and performance. Change is an indispensable process for organizations that takes place in growth and harmony. As in all organizations, change in health organizations is inevitable. It is known that, nurses which constitute an important part of health organizations, need change in many areas such as patient care, application fields and models, training conditions, nursing roles, job rotation, performance evaluation, and pricing .In today's rapidly changing health care delivery systems and services, it is very important for nurses and management nurses to understand the evolving events. Also, to see and evaluate the opportunities and threats and to have change management skills in order to keep up with the change and to deal with the change efficiently and effectively.


change, change management, nursing


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