İt is a fact that the result of the competitive environment that has developed in every field is advertising and branding. The quality and diversity of communication is increasing every day that passes. People realised that monetary profits are not the solely aim anymore neither it is satisfying. Facts like brand, fashion, marketing, publicity seem play now a central role of our lives. Branded clothing preferences of consumers that is chosen to be sold, can be seen as the success of these efforts. This study “was structured and conducted with the aim of determining the consumer advertising preferences of branded garment products. We used survey forms in our research and SPSS 22.0 for statistical annalysis. We evaluated data using values like median, fequency and ratio. The relationship between the answers of the consumers about their views of the publisized products has been evaluated by the Pearson correlation coefficient. On the other hand, the effect of the levels of the scale of the views of the consumenrs about publisized branded products taken as independent variable and the views of the consumers about the scale of the views of the consumers about publisezed products has been attempted to be set. As a result of the research, it has been observed that the education level of the consumenrs is effective on the formation of their views about the publisized garments and the publisized branded garments according to their demographic characteristics. As a result of the research, a significant relationship was found between the opinions of consumers about advertised clothes and the opinions of consumers about branded clothes advertised. In this study, it is concluded that the increase in branded clothing advertisements and the increase in the shopping of clothes.


Advertısement, clothing, brand, ready-to-wear, fashion, consumer

Author : Fatma KOÇ - Senar ÇEVİK
Number of pages: 48-65
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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