With the developing and changing social structure and understanding of art in contemporary Turkish painting, the spaces in which paintings are studied have changed. There have been different periods in human history that have resulted from sociological, psychological, economic, cultural, scientific and technological changes. Throughout history, artists have perceived the space according to the art concept of the period and have reflected it in their paintings. In this article on ‘interior space in contemporary Turkish painting’, the process of historical change of the concept of interior space in the art of painting and the collection of the results in a source by analyzing the works of the artists who include the interior space in their works were found important in terms of contributing to the historical literature of painting. In this research, literature, albums, museums, catalogs and books were used and appropriate texts and sample pictures were determined. The interior paintings of the ten painters considered in Turkish painting after 1950 show modern and village house interior works in general..In some artists, paintings are integrated with the interiors of restaurants, entertainment venues and workshops. Generally, interior paintings are made with classical perspective. In almost all works, Expressive and Reflective theory is seen.


History of Turkısh Painting, Space, Interior

Author : Hafize PEKTAŞ - Ayşe Gül GÜNDÜZ
Number of pages: 233-248
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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