Traditional cuisine culture is a food culture that has become a tradition in the region by combining a culture of the people of the region with the geographical conditions, vegetation, cultivated or naturally grown vegetables, fruits and weeds with the animal husbandry. It is important to transfer traditional cuisine culture to the next generations. Failure to record and introduce the elements of the culinary culture into the literature will cause them to disappear over time. Ağuz, It is one of the traditional foods of the Eastern Black Sea cuisine. The aim of the research is to compile and record the stages of production and consumption of Ağuz made in Arsin district of Trabzon and transfer them to future generations. The qualitative research method was used in this study with the housewives living in Arsin who had the characteristics of being a source person and the data were obtained by interview. The milk obtained from the animal in the first few days should be kept and the amount required for the offspring should be set aside. the rest is poured into a container and heated over fire. The milk hardens like a mold and is eaten by pouring powdered sugar or molasses on it. It is also important for the culinary culture to record and introduce the apple which is a forgotten food with this study.


Ağuz, Arsin, Calf, Milk, Traditional cuisine culture

Author : Mehmet Akif ŞEN
Number of pages: 208-217
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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