Developing and changing technology has brought about change and development in education. The aim of the teacher in education has changed from being a resource that gives and teaches information to guidance that leads to access to information. Teachers become the main counselors who coach students and enable them to access the information themselves. Teachers, who are fundamental to their success, need to develop their coaching skills. Teachers who provide reinforcement and support to students for continuity and quality in education are required to guide and support students. Teachers who develop their coaching skills can establish better relationships with their students and contribute more to their success. Successful work of teachers affects their careers positively and provides more successful academic education. In this study, this study was conducted to show that teachers with coaching skills are better in their academic success. It reveals the relationship between teacher candidates' coaching skills and academic success in their courses. The research group of the study consists of 200 students studying at the Faculties of Education at Pamukkale University. In this study, three sub-dimensional questionnaires of 20 questions were applied to the students and the students were compared with the academic grades they took from university courses. In the study, the data were evaluated in the AMOS program in accordance with the structural equation model. In the study, a relationship was found between the academic achievement and coaching skills of the students. In the study, coaching skills were examined in three sub-dimensions and their relations with these sub-dimensions were analyzed with structural equation modeling. It was found that all sub-dimensions of coaching skills were related to academic success. It has been revealed that prospective teachers have improved academically when they develop their coaching skills. Many important concepts such as problem solving, critical thinking and using various approaches to problems are valid for coaching skills. It is revealed that prospective teachers who have coaching skills can have professional and academic achievements.


Teacher Candidates, Coaching Skills, Academic Success

Author : Fatma SİNECEN - Osman SİNECEN
Number of pages: 556-567
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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