Author : Sevcan BAYRAK ÇELİK
Number of pages : 449-455


The beginning of the values starts in the family. The role models for the child are parents, siblings. From the moment the child is born, he / she learns his / her first education, good, bad, right and wrong through his / her parents. Parents should pay close attention to their attitude and behavior. The purpose of values education is to ensure that the child develops every aspect of his / her personality; to help achieve human perfection; to protect and save the individual and society from bad morals, as well as equip them with good morals and to ensure this continuation. The foundation of the national and spiritual feelings to be given to children starts in the family and the process is followed by pre-school education. Pre-school education is very important in gaining values. School staff, including our preschool teachers and the staff working at the school, have a major role to play. The greatest responsibility falls to our teachers and will be ensured by our teachers transferring our national values to our children through activities carried out on certain days and weeks and our spiritual values through games, drama, group activities, etc. By contacting families about the values education of our teachers, they can give homework under the name of home activity with the support of family in some activities and sometimes to reinforce the activities done. For instance, respecting the adults this week will inform the family about this value, and the activities that families will do at home with the child about this value and the role model of the family will further reinforce the education.


Preschool Values Education, The Importance of Family in Values Education


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