Among the small handicrafts that have survived since ancient times, one of the important groups in terms of cultural development is amulets. Amulets are protective elements created by praying on a paper, leather or cloth and quoting from the holy books in order to protect against diseases and evil. Amulet pots are intended for the protection of these writings. Amulets in the first use of the figure, rather than the function of the meaning gained. In other words, using an animal's hair, tooth or bone can be given as an example; any object which the person adds meaning and believes will protect it is also used as amulet. Over time, these protective objects were subjected to a certain shape and decoration as a result of aesthetic concern and were created by forming a kind of protective pots to protect the amulets in triangular, quadrangular, cylindrical shape that we often encounter.


Magic, Protective Object, Amulet

Author : İkbal Tuğçe ŞEN
Number of pages: 542-555
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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