Author : Hatice Kübra ÖZDEMİR
Number of pages : 455-465


On Ottoman Empire, in which press life has begun with Vak'a-i Mısriyye in 1828, there are many newspapers and magazines printed with lots of old letters in all kinds of fields up to the Republic. Since these newspapers and magazines are the primary sources for many fields, researchers have been translated them into modern Turkish and studies have been made on them. Especially in recent years, curiosity to these sources has been significantly increased. However, there are still some magazine collections which couldn't meet with their audiences. Mektep Müzesi is one of them. Mektep Müzesi written by Ahmet Edip, took place on a very important time between last periods of Second Constitutional era and just before the first World War. Additionaly, there are also pages written by some important writers such as Halide Edip Adıvar and Nakiye Elgün. Ahmet Edip tried to stay away from politics in his magazine by focusing more on scientific subjects and he wanted to let Mektep Müzesi readers know about all the improvements happened not only in hometown borders but also in the world.


History of Ottoman Press, Periodicals, Mektep Müzesi, Ahmet Edip.


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