Addiction is a brain disorder that is possible for treatment. It does not effect only the people who have the disease but also the people around them and their families. The most dangerous one is the substance abuse. The purpose of this article is to express Turkey’s actions in the country and abroad against addiction which is a global threat. The tools that are used while taking these actions and their effects on addiction have been studied. Forms of addictions, their effects and results have been analyzed. The magnitude of addiction in Turkey and around the world have been researched, and magnitedue of addiction for every city has been presented. The article suggests that with the collaboration of every public institution, the fight against the addiction can be achieved. Also UNODC in UN, EMCDDA in EU in abroad and Yeşilay, Amatem, Çamatem and Yedam that have been founded to avoid and treat addiction in the country have been determined as the institutions that take actions fighting addiction.


Güngören, Dependency, Drug, Municipality, Madde

Author : Gülsüm UZUN
Number of pages: 515-525
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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