Of all the technologies used for securing and controlling populations, one stands apart because it sintrinsic purpose is to gain the power to know about individuals and to standardize behaviors, namely surveillance technology. In a general sense, surveillance generates information about individuals, groups or institutions which is fed into an expandable knowledge base. This function is coupled with an other aim, which is to shape peoples’ behaviors, to alter them, or even to corrector standardize them through the simple act of having a gaze, real or virtual, locked in on them, and of their knowing that knowledge is being gathered about them. Infact, surveillance technology is so embedded in our society that many observers claim that we now live in a surveillance society.


Jeremy Bentham, Panopticon, Neo-Liberalism, Utilitarism

Author : Celal Fatih TÜRE - İlknur TÜRE
Number of pages: 92-106
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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