Reproduction is one of the most typical characteristics of graphic design products. Today, along with the ongoing rapid developments in the communication industry, reproduction techniques and methods are also changing and developing. This study aimed to examine the process of “sending documents for production”, the final stage of using desktop publishing system, hardware and software, where the design and pre-printing preparation works for the graphic products, which involve printing techniques and technologies, are performed. The study was conducted using the screening model, a qualitative research design. Relevant literature, including online resources, was reviewed and the design and application processes were examined. Sample practices were offered as a solution for potential communication problems between the parties during the process. As a result, determining the responsibilities of parties in the cooperation protocols during the production process of desktop publishing products, one of the graphic design products, is considered to be a basic requirement to avoid communication problems during the design process and after communication. The designer should resolve communication problems regarding the design product and determine all production-related technical requirements during the visualization process, as these will help to facilitate the proper management of the production process of the design. It should be a common practice that documents related to a design product ready for printing should be sent for production along with all the data required by the production department, including visual materials, in order to avoid the necessity of contacting the designer again, as this would make a positive contribution to the functioning of the industry in several ways.


Graphics, Graphic Design, Graphic Design and Application, Graphic Production Techniques, Desktop Publishing.

Author : Ali Atıf POLAT
Number of pages: 191-203
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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