It has vital importance fort he protection that cities with cultural/urban heritage perceive the protection of the cultural heritage as a necessary aim for the sustainable and total planning in urban plans. That obliges the protection program of cultural heritage to be in a sustainable approach. From past to present many opinions have showed that the studies of protection planning of cultural heritage have positive contributions as well as studies of sustainable planning. It is possible via planning, protecting and extending the important factors of the natural and cultural heritage. It is a positive development for the future of the heritage that reviving the subjects such as protecting environment, cultural/ urban heritage, natural heritage, cultural landscape in connection with sustainable urban development. In this study, a theoretical assessment framework shall be created and this framework shall aim to protect the environmental and cultural heritage; and to consider heritage as socio - cultural and economic resource, and an ecological and social value. According to this study, sustainable planning involving environmental, economic and socio-cultural components should also aim to ensure the sustainability of cultural assets. The usage of data related to sustainability is inevitable within this planning process. This study within this framework addresses sustainable planning as an important tool for sustainable urbanization; and one issue to be discussed within this concept is that whether it should contain the protection and the new assessment period of cultural heritage. According to a thesis, the definition of cultural heritage represents an important resource for sustainability, while the content of this heritage is to be considered as an important contribution in terms of sustainable urbanization planning. Therefore, the topic shall be considered within the framework of this thesis.


Cultural Heritage, Protection or Conservation, Sustainable Urbanization, Sustainable Planning, Assessment Framework,

Author : İsmet OSMANOĞLU
Number of pages: 364-380
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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