Horlatmalı dilli kaval is a kind of kaval performed in our country, especially in the Black Sea region. It is more common in Trabzon, Bolu and Tokat. However, the instrument is mostly performed in the locally. In order to become widespread in professional music environments, it is important to determine the physical properties of the instrument and develop it for production. In this study, it is aimed to reveal the similarities and differences of these horlatmalı dilli kaval types used in the mentioned regions both in terms of their physical structure and performance techniques. This study is important for providing a limited number of studies in the literature. Resource scanning, analysis and interview techniques were used in the research. The universe of the study consists of kaval types which are used in Turkey and the sample of the study consists of the horlatmalı dilli kaval types performed in the Black Sea region As a result, it was found that the differences in the physical structure characteristics of the kaval types used in these regions directly affect the use of finger position in the instrument in terms of performance technique. Chromatic string horlatmalı dilli kaval types were found to be richer in terms of finger position.


Kaval, Horlatmalı Dilli Kaval, Local Performance

Author : Aytunç AYDIN
Number of pages: 303-317
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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