The application of replacing components that can no longer function in the lighting system or cause excessive energy consumption with components that use energy more efficiently is defined as the retrofit. It is possible to increase the visual comfort with the actual lighting technologies to be used in retrofit applications and to reduce the electricity and maintenance expenses. Retrofit applications are carried out in two main steps as the define determination of the condition of the existing lighting system and the selection of appropriate lighting systems recommendations. There are various methods and tools to determine the condition of the lighting systems in existing buildings. In this study, "methods of determining lighting conditions", which is used to determine the defects in the lighting system of an existing school building, are introduced. A field study was conducted to determine the defects in the lighting system of a middle school building in Adana, Turkey by using the lighting control lists and questionnaires created within the scope of the study. It is aimed to contribute to the systematic, quick and easy determination of the condition of existing lighting systems of school buildings by the related professional groups by means of the methods and tools introduced in the study. Thus it is thought that the success rate of retrofit applications may increase by using these methods and tools.


Lighting, Schools, Post occupancy evaluation

Author : Kasım ÇELİK - Fatma Rengin ÜNVER
Number of pages: 273-283
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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