In addition to being a set of physical activities in daily life, sport is an important social phenomenon that improves one's emotional, social and cognitive development and improves living standards. Similarly, social services support the meeting of people’s moral and material needs supplement by psychosocial development of them in their social life, helping prevent and solve social problems and improving their living standards. At present, both in Turkey and in the World, against the different social problems are developed effective and new social service interventions with the multidisciplinary approachs. Sports-social services, also a new discipline emerging in the field of social services, aiming of creating a safe environment with athletes, sports organizations or institutions having a department of sport activities. Although working with athletes, at sports organizations or institutions having a department of sport activities is a new practice in the field of social services, it provides the opportunity to transfer the theoretical, practical, research and policy components of social service education and guidance of social services. The fact that sports and social services, which are two effective disciplines, have many common areas of application, especially child protection programs in sports, shows that the importance of sports-social services approach will increase in the long view. In this study being based on literature review are discussed the role and importance of sport in sport-social service and social service policies. This study, also, examines the place of social services within the sports system in Turkey and gives the legislation and proposals about sport-social services.


Sport, Social Service, Child, Young, Disabled, Elderly, Child Protection in Sport, Sport-Social Service, Child Rights, Neglect and Abuse.

Author : Hakan AYDIN
Number of pages: 445-460
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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