Author : Sinem EYİCE BAŞEV
Number of pages : 204-211


The marketing field has pushed itself to improve itself and to move forward with the changes it has experienced and to reach and influence consumers. As a result of this acceleration, new concepts emerged. The concept of neuromarketing is the result of science in the world of marketing where the real purpose is to take place in the mind of the consumer. The concept of neuromarketing has become popular in recent years. It is a discipline formed by using the data and findings obtained from neurological research in the field of marketing. Although there are many positive aspects and effects, there are also disadvantages and risks as in every application. In addition, studies have been carried out on whether the practice is ethical or not. In this study, the subject of neuromarketing was examined in the light of the literature and it was aimed to contribute to the parts of the subject which were thought to be incomplete. The concept of neuromarketing and the effects of its use in marketing sector are tried to be explained. Topics such as the emergence, use, effects and risks of the concept are also discussed.


Marketing, Neuromarketing, Ethics


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