Work life of the personnel of the institution in our country Public employees are different services rooms for people, these reasons can be given to the public staff to work more advanced recommendations. In this context, research on favoritism and related problems in the public sector should be done. The fact that the management in the institutions displays the behavior of favoritism can lead to a number of negative consequences on the employees. In particular, the work of the employees who are favored by other employees can result in an increase in their perception of work loads. In this study, the effect of in-house lubricant on employees was investigated. The study is a research in the empirical pattern. The survey technique was used as a data collection tool. Istanbul obtained from personnel working in Kucukcekmece Muicipality of the province . Data analysis was performed according to the current survey. According to the results of the analysis, promotion has a significant effect on the perception of work load, and familiarity with the perception of work load has no significant effect on the employees. According to the results of the study, the perception of work load of employees witnessing favoritism increases as the familiar favoritism increases, but this increase is not statistically significant. This result was evaluated as the fact that the survey was conducted in the public sector and that the relevant legislation in the public sector is decisive in decision making, that the familiar favoritism has reduced the impact of the public and that this does not make a significant difference in the perception of workers ' workload.


Institution, Nepotism, In-house Nepotism

Author : Çağrı Batuhan BUDAK
Number of pages: 432-444
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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