Turkey oilseed production in terms of ecology, climate and soil structure has a significant potential. Turkey in 2016, 3 million 462 thousand tons of oilseeds produced 239 thousand tonnes of oilseeds in response to export 2 million 940 thousand tons of oilseed imports were carried out. In terms of the amount of oilseeds production in Turkey, sunflower ranked first with 50.8% share, is second with 38% share of seed cotton. In 2017, 1 billion 465 million dollars of foreign exchange was paid for oilseed crops. In addition, 1 billion 270 million dollars for raw oil, and 481 million dollars for oilseed meal In total, 3 billion 216 billion dollars of oil seeds and derivatives were imported. In this study, oilseed cultivation area in the world and Turkey, production amount, and the yield has been put forward conditions, foreign trade structure has been examined. In Turkey, for increasing the efficiency of production of oilseeds and policies, it focused on ways to be followed.


Oilseeds, Production, Foreign Trade, Agriculture Supports, Turkey

Yazar : Bektaş KADAKOĞLU - - Bahri KARLI
Sayfa Sayısı: 324-341
Tam Metin:
the Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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