Management of studies on culture in the world and it is possible to say that in Turkey. Management culture is a system of values, beliefs, expectations and behaviors that are reflected in the management styles of managers in an organization. With management culture, a summary of the beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors of the executives working in the private or public sector is reflected in their decisions and actions in order to ensure the development of the organization. In this sense, while defining the concept of management culture, it can be said that the element which is active and subject is the manager. Because the values, beliefs, norms and behaviors of the managers appear as the management method. On the other hand, the traditional conception of government, which had left its mark on public administration for a long time, defined the role of the state in society with its emphasis on centralized, restrictive and hierarchical structure. The New Public Administration approach, which has had a wide impact on the world agenda since the 1980s, states that the public sector, which is statist, bureaucratic, coercive, uniform, centralized and hierarchical; market-oriented, less bureaucratic, customer-oriented, flexible, accountable, decentralized, entrepreneurial and innovative. This approach leads managers to entrepreneurship while encouraging individuals and institutions to improve their performance. The market mechanism also contributes to this process by clarifying the methods and preferences of public managers and organizations to achieve their performance targets. Therefore, it is possible to say that a new management culture has sprouted with the New Public Administration Approach. In this study, the concept of management culture, the power to form the behavior pattern of culture and public bureaucratic culture and the characteristics of new management culture.


New public administration, management, bureaucracy

Author : Bekir TAVAS
Number of pages: 71-86
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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