This paper attempts to analyse ten articles written about values education while focussing on the impact of religion, Christianity and more particularly Catholicism, on values. Research review method has been used for this purpose. In terms of results, first of all, the close relationship between values education, religious education and character education has been pointed out. Moreover, the influence of religion on schools in general and the teaching of values to students are included. In addition, some of the values that have been listed are compassion, dignity, tolerance, openness, and respect. It has been indicated that religious values exist both in faith-based and non-religious schools. Therefore, the influence of society on students is obvious when one recalls the fact that religion and society are intertwined. In conclusion, it must be remembered that the overall aim of education is to help students become virtuous individuals with values.


Values education, religion, Catholic, Christianity

Author : Nur SILAY
Number of pages: 224-231
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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