Author : Mustafa GENÇ - - Ayşegül KOYUNCU OKCA
Number of pages : 85-102


Yuruks who have a lifestyle that was formed in accordance with sheep and goat breeding have always travelled between summer pastures and winter quarters to find more fertile grasslands for their animals. Summer pastures which are the actual place of production have a great significance and place in the life that they pursue. In this lifestyle where the economy and source of income are identified with goat breeding, both dietary habits and works of art are also shaped by goat related products. In terms of dietary habits; colostrum, milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, cheese, dried goat meat and butter have a great significance. Their production within a lifestyle spent between summer pastures and winter quarters often relies on goat hair. In weaves from Yuruks, goat hair is mostly used as warp and weft threads in woven products such as water sacks, seed sacks, gunny sacks, feed sacks and black sack-clothes. Many rituals in regards to this lifestyle also revolve around goats. For instance; practices such as süt vuruşturma, devşik, yolbacılık, yanaşık, kesik, çeltik, katım, yavrulama, kırkım, damgalama, tuzlama, sağma, bağcak tutma, yatı, örü, emişme, askı, yanıtma. Because goats play such a great role and hold their significance inside Yuruks’ lifestyle, they are recognised as special animals. Therefore, they are named after their characteristics. Some of these names are Yanal, akkeçi, halep, küpeli, karadoğu, akkız, sürmeli, yaprak kulak, yazman boynuz, ger and kır yanal. For women, entire day is spent with goats. Therefore, when Yuruks are too old to herd their goats, they feel sorry for themselves. This study which will include a general review of Yuruk lifestyle and production processes pursued in relation with this lifestyle which are about to go extinct because of decreasing summer pastures and winter quarters is based upon in-field research made with Yuruks from Silifke, Mut, Gulnar, Karaman, Akseki and Anamur. Face-to-face interview technique is applied and a minimum of 3 people over 60 are interview in order to confirm the names. Moreover, the study is based upon a scientific ground having done literature scanning and production processes shaped around goat breeding are documented with photographs.


Culture, Yuruk , Plateau, Goat, Carpet-Rug.


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