Author : Mahmut Mert ASLAN
Number of pages : 374-382


The notion of “propaganda” turned up for the first time in Europe in the year of 1622 when the Pope XV. Gregory decided to establish a subsidiary institution to the church called “Sacra Congregatio Christiana Nomini Propaganda” so as to spread the teachings of Catholicism and also struggle against the harmful effects of Protestant church in a more efficient way. Forasmuch as numerous definitions, applications and academic studies have been done in this respect from then on, the framework of the notion have broadened step by step. The most distinguished examples of the concept on the practical level are Lenin’s and Hitler’s techniques of propaganda. They both made a greater theoretical and practical contribution to the notion than anybody else in history to make it go ahead and also to be more popular and applicable all over the world. Adolf Hitler’s techniques of propaganda include some elements from Lenin’s way of propaganda since he lived after V. I. Lenin’s era. Despite lots of negative meanings have been loaded onto the notion of propaganda from those times, it has always been the most influential means especially in the political arena at the same time.


Propaganda, Hitler’s way of propaganda, politics


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