Author : Mustafa BULAT - - Serap BULAT - Barış AYDIN
Number of pages : 478-488


As an art of volume, sculpturing tries to express the world around itself through the objectivism in the world. It tries to create 3D (three-dimensional) aesthetical images in the site. It gives various images from various perspectives. Site-image and form are compounded with artistic concerns. Artist of sculpture makes his opinions and senses felt by the forms. The word ‘form’ includes all images having any volume. In the perception of form, light-shadow is one of the main principles. A balanced distribution of light – shadow helps the integration of the work with the site. Composition is also of great importance in order to secure the integrity among forms. Composition is the harmony of textures, shapes and dimensions of the surface. There are various factors forming the composition. As being balancing elements of composition, these factors help creating a real art work if they used properly. Surface, rhythm, balance, ratio-rate, style, shape etc. concepts are among oh6r7rthers suppo


sculpture, style, form, composition, light-shadow.


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