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Poultry sector is one of the effervescent segments of agriculture industry in Afghanistan.  This sector generates employment and income for about 1.5 million people. Its contribution in agriculture growth is 4.81% and in Livestock growth 9.84%. Poultry meat contributes 19% of the total meat production in the country. The current investment on poultry industry is above 100 billion Af Poultry sector has shown a robust growth at the rate of 8-10% annually, which reflects its inherent potential. The study was design to investigate economic analysis of poultry farm production, major objectives of the study were to asses’ financial gain from poultry production, primary data on poultry farms was collected from the farmers through personal interviews with the help of specially designed questionnaire. A simple random sampling technique was used to collect the data. Statistical techniques like means, comparison of means and frequency distribution was used for production cost and yield analysis.  On an average total fixed cost was 51000.00 Af labour input cost includes 83000.00 Af on an average per farm poultry farmer spent labour cost of production.  This included 5000.00 Af on Supervision (weekly visit), Electrician (when problem) 2000.00 Af Feedings 20000.00 Af Cleaning 20000.00 Af Watchmen 25000.00 Af Drinkers 11000.00 Af and Spraying (weekly spray) 3000.00 Af respectively. Selected poultry farmers in study area on average per farm spent on marketing cost was 67000.00 Af This included 6000.00 Af for loading 43000.00 Af for transportation and 12000.00 Af of unloading. On an average per farm total cost of production was 339878.00 Af and obtained physical productivity 7212 live birds and 12560 eggs whose revenue productivity was 548250.00 Af and net income was 163372.00 Af cost benefit ratio of the cultivation of poultry at 1:0.48 it means that the poultry farmers obtained Af. 0.48 on each rupee invested by them. High profit was observed in poultry farming.


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