Organizational learning process is very important for organizations. In this context, Watkins and Marsick (2003), the organizational learning dimensions of management and organization literature, and the organizational learning process of an organization's organizational learning process wants to create a quality of organizational learning dimensions should complement each other and stated that there must be positive relations with each other accordingly. For this purpose, the definition, characteristics and organizational learning dimensions of Watkins and Marsick (2003) are explained in the literature. In the application part of the study, the national and international literature examining the relations between the organizational learning dimensions stated by Watkins and Marsick (2003) is searched. As a result of the literature review, Watkins and Marsick (2003) reported that 6 publications, 3 of which are national and 3 of which are foreign publications, have examined the relationship between organizational learning dimensions. Meta analysis was applied to the individual studies. In the meta-analysis, the means and sample numbers of the Pearson correlation coefficients of the individual studies were included. As a result of the research, the overall effect was found to be high and positive in terms of the mean of the relationships between the individual learning organizational dimensions and the number of samples. Turkish researchers also applied to studies of Turkish organizations in Turkey, the foreign research in foreign countries were more affected by the overall effect compared to the overall study applied to foreign organizations. As a result, when all individual studies are considered, it is concluded that, as a result of meta-analysis, in order for an organization to adapt and live within the environment, Watkins and Marsick (2003) stated that the organizational learning process should be formed and the dimensions of organizational learning should be complemented for sustainability of this organizational learning process.


Organization, Organizational Learning, Relationship, Dimensions.

Author : Furkan Fahri ALTINTAŞ
Number of pages: 360-375
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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