The General Biology course is one of the lessons in terms of content, which is difficult for the students or the students who are learning to perceive, express and realize the life of the learners. In order to be able to overcome this difficulty and provide a lasting education, this course has been provided with different strategies over many years and information has been tried to be transferred from memory to memory for a long time. In recent years, various projects have been developed with the aim of using the developing technology in the education system. One of the biggest projects in this regard has been the implementation of the Opportunities and Technological Improvement Movement (FATIH Project). This practice combines strategies with technology through the use of technology in education, thus making the learned information more effective and lasting. As a result, the information obtained from the educator's perspective or from the student's perspective has become more permanent. It has been noticed that instructional staff or trainers have caused a variety of difficulties in practice due to the fact that only existing information is not sufficient to convey information, the level of readiness in terms of using technology, and the lack of e-content for the sample. Through this e-content software, it is aimed to obtain a variety (z-book) that can be changed for every level and readiness level, and diversified as desired by the instructor / educator. While this aim is being realized, General Biology course which is one of the most difficult courses to be learned and perceived has been chosen. It is aimed to make the content of this course created with e-content appealing to more than one sensory organs like visual or sensory, making it more permanent.In this way, technology is utilized in reaching the learned information. It is also important for the course teacher / educator to have the first unique value of the field in the summer of the field so that the learner can adjust to the level of readiness in the sample instead of using the contents in the preformed form and become an enrichable book that can be differentiated according to his / her method, target and content. As a result of this project, for the first time in the literature, it is aimed to create z-book (enriched book) with e-content for General Biology course.


Biology Education, E-content, Z-Book, General Biology

Author : Banuçiçek ÖZDEMİR
Number of pages: 218-232
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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