The purpose of reserch on Enis BATUR as a literary figure, who is one of the important figures of Turkish Litrature after 1980; however, there is no comprehension study on his poems, is to try to reveal his view of poetry by examining his first poetry book: “TUGRALAR”. The poem which is true for him is produced with an understanding that the reader can understand after a certain trouble by not revealing a clear language but a concealed language like an alchemist. Enis Batur's understanding of poetry is revealed with an understanding based on mystery rather than being understood as II.Yeni’s understanding. The poet, who focuses on the revolutionism of poetry, does not advocate any view in his poetry book “Tugralar”. He states that there is parallelism between poetry and Turkish Art Music. The poet who is against the traditional things is against all kinds of limitations in the poem. Therefore, neither does he use the measure of syllable in poetry, nor rhyme and repeated voice in the most part of poetry. In the first chapter; the life and general personality of the poet are focused. In the second chapter; It is stated that Batur understands poetry in the context of it. In the third chapter; poetry technique has been tried to be determined in terms of content and form by analyzing the book. The fourth chapter is concluded with the conclusion part.


Enis Batur, Poetry, Alchemy, Turkish Art Music, Tugralar

Author : Ali POLAT
Number of pages: 352-371
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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