When the Roman Emperor Hadrian came to Kyzikos during his Anatolian tour in 124 AD, he helped to rebuild the temple under the supervision of the Architect Aristainetos. According to the architectural pieces found in the excavations, the temple was built largely during the Antonine Period, but could not be completed. Because during the excavations, as well as fully processed specimens, semi-processed or drawn but never processed samples were found. Amphoras were processed to the column drums which are under the Corinthian heads of the temple. A lot of plastic is given, as shown by the fact that the acanthus leaf ends, which are immediately above the Kalathos base ring and are processed in two rows, are broken. The narrow and deep carving of leaf veins increased the light-shadow effect. This is the characteristic of the second half of the 2nd century AD. Abakuse lesbos kymation and fine blank removal followed by ion kymation have been processed. Although the middle vein of the heart was not deeply carved in the heart-tongue motif in Lesbos kymation, the language motif began to disintegrate. However, it is noteworthy that corruption in general is not much. It is seen that the egg decoration in the Abakus section is long, the surface of the bowl is flat, the sides are spread out and the bowls are touched to the lower part of the wipe and attached to the wipe. At the arrowheads, giving the protruding side and backward to the wing parts, the long and the tip of the foundation is not sharp, and the part where the handle is about to be triangular, conforms to the style of the period. The stylistic comparisons of the column capitals to the temple show that between 150-170 AD, the golden gilded headpiece can be made between 150-160 AD and the full column head between 160-170 AD.


Kyzikos, Hadrian Temple, Corinthian capital, Acanthus leaf, Aristainetos

Author : Korkmaz MERAL - Nurettin KOÇHAN
Number of pages: 27-45
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The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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