Organizations are supposed to know their environment well in order to adapt. It would be worthwhile for organizations to know which type of environment is specified in the field of organization literary language. Thus, it will increase its environmental compliance by implementing strategies in an effective and efficient manner against the well-known environment. In this study, it has been tried to ensure that which type of environment is mentioned in the field of organization literature by using classical physics rules. In this sense, with the regard to classical physics - which is one of the branch of natural sciences - and the relationship between organization and environment, the application part is provided with measurements by using fictitious data in order to form an example completely. According to the findings, the O1 organization was found to be more complex and uncertain than the O2 organization. On the other hand, the environment of the O2 organization with E2 was found to be specific and simple compared to the O1 organization. To reduce the environmental uncertainty of the O1 organization, the number of relationships with the environment should be reduced within the framework of classical physics rules. Relationships must be qualified. Specialized personnel must exist within the organization. Thereby, the appropriate strategy for the organization could be determined.


Organization, environment, quantum, physics, management

Author : Canan YILDIRAN - Furkan Fahri ALTINTAŞ - Fatma Zehra TAN
Number of pages: 201-228
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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