Peride Celâl, who has many works written in Turkish literature, is described as the author of pink novels. Although the woman desires to be evaluated within the limits of aesthetic literature and is disturbed by her recognition as a popular literary writer, she finds a place in the history of literature with her pink novels because of her concern for livelihood. Pink novel is a genre within the popular literary tradition and it attracts attention as a genre that mostly addresses women writers and women readers, leans against the level of eroticism and intrigue, and operates on the axis of love and choices. Due to its cathartic effect on the reader, it is distinguished from various popular literary products such as purple and white series. In this article, the characteristics of the genre of pink novels will be explained, the differences of the genre from other series will be explained, and then the works of Peride Celâl will be examined.


Popular Literature, Pink Novel, Per

Author : Dilek ÇETİNDAŞ
Number of pages: 33-52
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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