In the field research done in Ardahan-Sulakyurt Village about usage habits of terracotta products, some terracotta products such as cruse, pot and stew with similar properties in terms of structure and decoration were found in some houses. It was obtained that, there was no pottery production in the village and the existing samples came from Şavşat-Küplüce (Singot) Village, until 1995. Therefore, a field study was conducted to investigate the pottery of Şavşat-Küplüce Village. Researches on the history of pottery in the region show that the pottery production has been started by a young craftsman (Borçkalı Genç Usta/Borçkalı Genç Ağa), from another village. It was learned that the local people did not make pottery before the Genç Usta's arrival to the village, and after the arrival of the Borçkalı Genç Usta, the local people successfully learned how to make pottery and Şavşat-Küplüce Village became an important pottery production and sales center between 1930-1970. In this study, the starting and ending reasons of pottery of Şavşat-Küplüce Village were investigated. The person who has started the pottery in Şavşat-Küplüce Village was from Borçka, due to this, the relationship between the pottery in Borçka and pottery in Küplüce has been investigated. At the end of the research, it was aimed to document the information and images, obtained from the pottery of Savsat-Küplüce Village, which was completed in 1995.


Küplüce Village, Küpçüler, Pottery, Genç Usta, Borçkalı Genç Ağa

Author : Filiz ÖZTÜRK
Number of pages: 267-281
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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